Introducing The Belly Bowl

The Belly Bowl has a comfortable feel and ergonomic shape.

It provides an easier hold for mixing, pouring, prepping and a better way of storing.

The Belly Bowl has an approved patent, making it unique and one of a kind mixing bowl.

It is perfect for bakers, chefs and other cooks.

Learn more below on how the Belly Bowl was brought to life by the creator, Kelly Pitcher.

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How The Belly Bowl Was Invented - Meet Kelley Pitcher

"Everyone Needs a Belly Bowl"

The belly bowls are amazing!  I love them for my baking, because they allow me to get a better grip against my body, whether I’m mixing from the counter or in my arms. Not only are they comfortable and beautiful, but they also pour and clean easily. Everyone needs a belly bowl or two!!

- Tracy M.

"Great Decoration Piece"

It's not only great for baking against your body, but a great decoration piece when out for display. It truly stands out from other bowls and it saves a ton of room for storage.

-Kailtin S.